The expert guide to being your own boss & ditching your 9-5.
Learn how to start, grow and maintain your very own niche' recruitment & staffing agency business, right now.
Staffingpreneurs Academy makes the perfect 
coach for your staffing startup’s inception.
How To Start A Niche’ Recruitment & Staffing Agency Business
Lesson 1
Startup - Setting Up Your Niche' Recruitment & Staffing Business
Lesson 2
Business Orientation - Learn The  Staffing Industry
Lesson 3
Branding - How to Brand Your Company Online and Offline
It's time to learn how to build strategies tied towards your goals!
Lesson 4
The Pre-Sales Work - Learn How To Sell The Business
Lesson 5
Marketing & Advertising - It's Time To Start Marketing & Advertising
Lesson 6
Candidate Sourcing - Learn How To Source, Attract and Pipeline 
Lesson 7
Sales & Business Development - Turn Leads Into Clients
Lesson 8
Recruiting & Staffing - Learn How To Make Successful Placements
Lesson 9
Post Employment Follow-up - Fortune In The Follow-up
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You should invest in this course if:
  • You are looking to invest into a cool, lucurative business opportunity that solves a major world challenge and will impact a ton of lives!
  • You are looking for a profitable business opportunity where you can leave and greatly impact your legacy! 
  • You are passionate about the economy and want to help solve the talent shortage problem!
  • You enjoy working in your industry but are ready to step out on your own, in your own way!
  • You can't afford to work for someone else anymore - you want FREEDOM and LEGACY!
  • You have always wanted to start your own employment agency, staffing business or consulting business!
  • You are a contractor and want to build a business of contractors working for you! Bill you and your contractors out!
  • You are a recruiter looking to keep your fees instead of giving them away to your employer!
  • You have access to a large network of a specific type of talent (i.e nurses, lawyers, developers, sales, etc)!
  • You are skilled and ready to retire, but want to still have your hands in something exciting and meaningful!
  • You love to learn, love to build and want to be a part of something AWESOME that will re-create and change the world!
 I am so grateful for the way Dee helps me put my company on track and get my life in order. While I had lowered my own expectations of myself and my future possibilities, Dee Williams was there to help me find my best avenue moving forward. I am now happily managing a successful business. I recommend Staffingpreneurs Academy wholeheartedly for anyone who is seeking help finding their own career path in the staffing and recruiting industry. Dee Williams is awesome, really!

- Constance Hammond, Focus Employment Solutions
I was telling someone at lunch today that Dee Williams is the best part of my business. Best decision I've made so far. I love Staffingpreneurs Academy!! Mostly, I love Dee Williams. I can't wait till my agency is big enough for Dee to come and train everyone. Those days are coming!

- Lori Strubbe, Looking Glass Recruiting
I just want to say thank you Dee. Prior to Dee, I had hired a Staffing Consultant Company and I have to say that I've learned so much just in Dee's 2 day boot camp then I have learned from that company in 2 years. We are now sourcing and sending submittals. All I have to say is that if YOU are not taken action after having a ROCK STAR Company like Staffingpreneurs Academy and have a ROCK STAR like Dee at your deposal then YOU need to START taken action now! Again, Dee thank you... You're the best.

- Cesar Larrainza, Frontline Medical Solutions
Staffingpreneurs Academy has been invaluable. If you're in the market to be a recruiter, staffing organization, consulting company, I would definetly encourage you to check out Dee, talk to her and sign up with her Academy.

- Renaldo Summerset, STSI
Become A Staffingpreneur!
The expert guide to being your own boss, ditching your 9-5
and starting your very own niche' recruitment and staffing agency business.
What You Get When You Join:
1. Your Membership Access
Registering for the Staffingpreneurs Academy Home Study Course will give you access to 9 core course modules with video tutorials (some include audio, downloads and worksheets to guide you along the way) including how the business works, how to choose your niche' strategies to help you implement your niche', how to star, run, and manage your new business.
2. Article Scrubber Strategy
Available within the Startup section, you will receive video training and a pdf, word, and excel version of the Article Scrubber Strategy which will assist you with Market Research as well as Sales & Business Development. Not available for purchase anywhere!
3. Free Customizable Digital Downloads! ($1200 Value)
When you sign-up for the Basic Plus Membership, you will receive access to more than 60 digital downloads that you can download, customize, and use today for your niche' recruitment and staffing agency business including 56+ contracts, fee agreements, and forms as well as The Infamous Big Biller Calculator, the 230+ page Staffingpreneurs Owners manual and so much more!
4. Free Awesome thing! ($500 Value)
Registering for the Staffingpreneurs Academy Home Study Course will not only give you access to all nine core video training modules, but you'll also get a number of bonuses, for free including the Roleplay Infusion Workshop Video Training Series for you to get practice on having conversations with your future candidates and clients (a $599.99 value), and more!
Staffingpreneurs Academy Training
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  • Learn How To Start Your Business!
  • Create Timelines & Set a Launch Date!
  • Learn How The Business /Industry Works!
  • Learn How To Build Your Company Brand!
One-Time Payment
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  • 9 Core Modules including Starter Membership:
  • Learn How To Start Your Business!
  • Learn How To Get Clients For Your Business!
  • Learn How To Recruit and Interview Candidates!
  • Staffing Insurance Resources!
  • ATS, Payroll Funding Resources and More!
Basic Plus PROGRAM
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  • Bonus #3: Roleplay Workshop Training Videos
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